Senior Peer Support

What is Senior Peer Support?

As we age, life transitions can sometimes be painful. The loss of a lifetime companion, medical illness, physical disability, retirement, or relocation can be upsetting. Sometimes it is helpful to talk with someone near your own age. A peer, who can help you address these transitional concerns in a safe, confidential environment.

Senior Peer Support volunteers provide in-home support for residents of Calaveras County aged 60 and older.

Why Seek Senior Peer Support?

As you grow older, you may face new challenges:

  • Death of a spouse, debilitating illness, loss of a job, family conflict, feeling depressed, angry helpless, or isolated.
  • You may need someone who understands and accepts you as you are right now.
  • You may benefit from experienced help to access community resources.
  • You are paired with a senior peer support person with common interest and background.
  • You have a chance to develop a unique, supportive relationship based on trust, compassion and understanding. 

Who Are Senior Peer Support Volunteers?

Senior Peer Support volunteers are individuals recruited from our community who are then screened, trained, and supervised by professional counseling staff.

Senior Peer Support volunteers are compassionate men and women who are dedicated to providing support to seniors in need.

What Services Are Offered?

  • One-on-One visits in a comfortable home setting.
  • Senior Peer Support Volunteers who are trained in aging issues, grief & loss, depression, & communication.
  • Assistance with Community Resources
  • Referrals to In-Depth Counseling if Desired
  • Services At No Charge

What Services We Do Not Offer

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Services for Dementia or Alzheimer’s 
  • Counseling for addictions or major mental illnesses

How can I make a referral for a Senior Peer Support Volunteer? 

You can make a referral for Senior Peer Support Program or become a volunteer by contacting the Senior Peer Support Liaison at (209) 754-6642.

All referrals are confidential and are subject to approval by the Senior Peer Support
Program Liaison and availability of a Senior Peer Support Volunteer.

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