Mobile Triage Case Management Services

A Triage Case Manager (Sheriff Liaison), as part of the Calaveras Health and Human Services Agency/Behavioral Health Crisis and Outreach Unit, is available to provide crisis interventions in the community, thereby reducing the number of psychiatric hospitalizations; improving the collaboration between law enforcement, hospital, schools and behavioral health services; reducing the number and frequency of 911 repeat crisis calls and effectively linking individuals with mental illness to community supports to reduce the frequency of crisis situations. This position works non-traditional hours, noon to 9pm, Monday through Friday, (as the highest volume of after-hour crisis calls is between 5-8 pm) covering the critical hours and providing support crisis response during the afternoon hours when calls may be coming in through the 911 line rather than the mental health crisis line.
The Crisis and Outreach Unit clinician, case manager and supervisor are located at the Behavioral Health Mental Health Clinic, and the Triage Case Manager is co-located at both the BHS Mental Health Clinic and Sheriff Office next to the dispatchers’ station– in order to be able to respond immediately to crisis situations in the community.

The Crisis Unit clinicians, case manager and clinical supervisor will be responsible for rollout to hospital for 5150 evaluations, hospital discharges, emergency intakes at the BHS Mental Health clinic, treatment plans, and screening on demand. As part of the Crisis and Outreach Unit, the Triage Case Manager collaborates closely with the team to provide post-hospitalization follow up and engagement, and provides the unit’s community outreach services that include screening, assessment, referral and crisis intervention services as needed in crisis situations in the community.


Contact Information

Brenda Hanley, BHS Sheriff Liaison,
(209) 754-6797